Every domain name has unique settings that allow you to register it at one company while hosting email and websites at another. For USA Domains to host your email, you will have to "point" the MX records portion of these DNS settings to our email servers. Microsoft Exchange customers should set up Autodiscover during this step.


Contact your domain registrar and request the following change to your MX records. Or, if you have access to your registrar’s control panel for your domain, you can make these changes yourself.  If you have a web hosting plan with USA Domains you change your MX records via the MX Entry section of cPanel.


First Mail Server: mx1.emailsrvr.com (priority 10)
Second Mail Server: mx2.emailsrvr.com (priority 20)


Since it typically takes up 24-48 hours for the MX record changes to take complete effect, you may want to make this switch during non-business hours or when email activity is light.


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